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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Denmark Immigration Points Calculator for Green Card


Denmark is among the top destinations for immigrants. People are migrating to Denmark in search of enhanced career opportunities that are benefiting their future. Every individual wants to settle perfectly in his/her life. Settling in Denmark will give a chance to succeed in your life; it is your choice of living that will lead you towards success. But surely Denmark immigration will be one of the options that you have for achieving success.

Immigration to Denmark is possible for the individual with a permit to enter the country. For overseas individuals immigration is possible through a visa permit. The visa is issued to the person considering the eligibility. The eligibility depends on the purpose and the country where you are staying. Depending on the purpose visa is issued and the person must meet all the requirements needed to migrate to Denmark as per the Denmark immigration laws.

Denmark Immigration Eligibility

Eligibility is varied for every visa. There are different visa options to differentiate the necessity of the applicant. These are categorized for the convenience of the applicant.  The requirement to get a visa includes personal and professional details. Personal background is necessary and is compulsory for obtaining a visa. A positive feedback on the crime report and medial report is needed to apply for any visa. In present days key eligibility requirement for major countries migration is point system. Immigration points test or points calculator is the key part to get eligible.

Even Denmark is following immigration point’s calculator to check the eligibility of the applicant. The immigration point’s calculator 2013 is to know whether the person is applicable to get a visa. The Denmark immigration is also based on the immigration point’s calculator. In this point system the applicant must score minimum marks that are required to become an immigrant. The minimum mark to become eligible for Denmark immigration is 100.

1. Age
  • 10 Points (For 35-40 years)
  • 15 Points (For 34 years or younger)
2. Employment
  • 15 Points (3-5 years Exp; Must Included in Positive List)
  • 10 Points (1-2 years Exp; Must Included in Positive List)
  • 5 Points (3-5 years Exp, other work)
3. Educational Qualification
  • 60 Points (2 years of Masters Degree + Bachelors Degree)
  • 50 Points (1 year of Masters Degree + Bachelors Degree)
4. Adaptability
You can gain points if you are connected to EU/EEA (including Denmark) or Switzerland through your education or work experience, as this indicates your increased ability to adapt into the Danish labor market.

Points are given for either education or work on the completion of:
  • At least one year’s study at a higher educational program in a country from EU/EEA or Switzerland: 5 points.
  • At least three years’ study at a higher educational program in a country from EU/EEA or Switzerland: 10 points.
5. Language- Can earn 20 points if
  • Have worked at a place where English is the primary medium of communication; Or
  • Have a Masters in English medium; Or
  • Gained 6.5 in each Band of IELTS if English is not your first language.
For the above mentioned categories points are calculated accordingly. There are different plans planned by the Denmark Immigration Service to help overseas professionals and skilled employees with their families migrate to Denmark.  The plans are the Positive List, Denmark Green Card scheme, the Pay Limit Scheme, Corporate Scheme, and other special provisions for religious workers, athletes, students and foreign staff and diplomats.  The Denmark Immigration points Calculator refers more or less to the Danish Green Card option where points are calculated.

Hence the calculator helps to check whether the applicant is eligible or not for immigration. If the person is eligible, he/she will get a visa which allows the applicant to enter the country. 


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